must use2Hi, I’m Josie.

I’m not an expert, but I am a passionate wife, momma and advocate for encouraging women to make the most of their time by helping each other attain health- in relationship, heart and mind.

My greatest desire is to help women be transparent and embrace their commonalities, joining together in sisterhood and love.

Let this tiny space of the internet world, be a little break from the norm- a place to relax and rejuvenate.

Now I get that this is only virtual, but please know, I understand that time is valuable and the fact that your sharing it with me is something I promise not to take for granted!

I hope to see you often and when I don’t, I’ll be praying for you. Thank you- if you’ve read this, you have already been a blessing to me!


Here’s A Little About Me:

I figure I would start with a picture that illustrates the age I was when I fell in love with using words.


For quite some time I was a relatively easy, not too rebellious tween.  However, in high school things changed quickly the cooler I tried to be!  Mistakenly, I set my heart on changing the ‘bad boy’ in hopes of living happily-ever-after… I would naively pursue this goal and suffer unspeakable heart-break for far far too many years.  I learned the hard way that, at some point, you deserve what you tolerate.  You can read more about this here.


Once I had exhausted every effort of trying to manipulate, form and create the life I thought I wanted- the Lord gently and graciously made Himself apparent.  In a sense, I challenged Him and every belief I had about who I thought He was and asked Him to show up.  He did in a HUGE way.  I surrendered what was left of my effort and heart to Him.  In turn, He did something only a loving Daddy would do.  He gave me a gift.  Just when I decided I was content with singleness, He introduced me to a true gent.  It wasn’t long after that I would fall in love with a dapper, handsome, dark haired gentleman who would woo my heart, change my name and teach me things I never knew about myself and the love of Jesus…

I got a good one gals, I really did. wedding pic for royal wedding post After while, another man would enter my life.  And this love, oh this love, is one unlike any other I had experienced before it… The love a momma has for her boy is something fierce. preciousJust when I thought my heart couldn’t possibly love more… The Lord blessed us with a sweet fluffy haired, light eyed baby girl- My Clara JOY! noah clree

When I am not wiping bottoms, feeding mouths or fetching hot wheels, I spend my time slowly counting minutes by seeing the miracles in each one… This picture below, this here is nothing short of a miracle… Two precious healthy little humans, entrusted to me to love and raise in this crazy fast paced world. I get to watch them change and grow. For a short time I even get to be the ‘one’ they would choose to play with, cuddle and kiss. Before that time passes, I want to experience it. Really, truly feel what it is that will soon only be remembered.


  Life Verse: (That) He must become greater; (And) I must become less. (John 3:30 KJV)