He always has something to say, and I committed to Him that I would always be an absolutely surrendered and available means for Him to do so- no matter what that calls for or looks like.

With that said, the creation of #MondayMinutes took place in June this year.  These videos are just recorded spoken words of encouragement meant to get your week started in the right direction… Looking up ↑.

I share them every week on my Facebook page {along with other forms of uplifting encouragement} and now you can also grab and share them from here as well!  Either way, I know your minutes are valuable and I am just thankful for the time you spend with me this way!  Here’s to a great week!  Happy Monday {or Tues, Weds, Thurs…} 😉

Forgiving Has More To Do With Freeing YOU Than It Ever Does About Freeing Your Offender!

Our past has a purpose, and it is NOT to keep you IN it! Are you a prisoner to your past?

About This Valentine’s Day Business…

Living Thanks.  A Poem From My Heart To Yours- From His Heart To Ours!

#MondayMinutes:  Are You Wearing a Mask?



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#MondayMinutes:  4 Ways To Get Over Your ‘Selfie!’


#MondayMinutes: Love or Judge?  How Do You Do It?


#MondayMinutes:  Silent & Deadly. (Not What Your Thinking!)

#MondayMinutes: Better a Mind Captive in Christ than Captive in Chaos.


#MondayMinutes: No Matter What Boat Your In… A Lesson From My 2 Year Old!


#MondayMinutes: On Friendship.


#MondayMinutes Video One: The Introduction