her story pic4Every women longs for someone to say – Hey I’ve been there too, walked through that as well, or am going through that now. We all long for someone to relate to us and tell us were ‘ok’!  Thankfully, you’ve stopped at the right place.  You’ll find that here, a place for women to tell their story and connect their hearts.  A place that is safe. 

What is your story? It was given to you for a reason, the good the bad, it’s yours and I promise it matters!  We all have pasts that have helped shaped us.  We also all have a future. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into it with force? Or should I say a force? A force of women committed to helping, loving and encouraging each other on… Let’s do that. Let’s do that here. 

Your heart, your story, they’re safe here. 

Here you will find LOVE. COMMUNITY. and JESUS.


Minutes Matter.  Let’s use our time to help each other!


These stories belong to these women.  They wrote them from their heart and in their own style.  None of us claim to be professional writers, as you’ll notice, but all of us have chosen to be brave and transparent in hopes of connecting with and encouraging you!

tiffanyTiffany’s Story The loss of a child, healing and a new life.

ruthieRuth’s Story– An abusive marriage, the strength to leave and the gifts ‘in’ God’s grace.

lisaLisa’s Story She never knew that years later she really would be his missing puzzle piece when she was able to give him one of her kidneys.

robin1Robin’s Story– Starting at a young age, Robin experienced things most of us only hear of in movies.  Story of a overcomer, to say the very very least…

joy1Joy’s Story- Anxiety anyone?

Chad-Nic-7Nic’s Story- Molested, angry, depressed and the power in forgiveness!

maria faceMaria’s StoryHer sister was an athlete, cheerleader and loved by many.  They never thought heroin…

Jackie 2

Jackie’s Story- “My body may not be healed, but my heart and spirit are, I am not controlled by the diseases, I do not plan my future around these diseases.”  You will be a different person after reading her story…

ruth pic

Ruth Pollack’s Story- Domestic violence, poverty, abuse and neglect may have shaped her childhood, but they would never define her future.  Learn how Ruth got past the shame and escaped being a victim of her circumstances.


Myra’s Story– Agoraphobic and ridden with anxiety, the thought of driving her car even scared her…  With two young kids, she knew this had to change…  Read how she did it!!!

becky 2

Becky’s Story– She is 22 years young and they call her grandma!  Find out how she knew years earlier that she was going to overcome youth & struggle to serve Liberian families in Cleveland, Ohio…

nic face pic

Nicole’s Story Handed some tough cards at a young age, she learned to navigate life well, with the help of her mom.  Read why she then turned her grief into opportunity and sorrow into support for other women battling the wiles of cancer…


Leigh-Ann’s Story Anorexia almost took her life.  She was a slave to negative thoughts, perfectionism, control and shame.  Not any longer…

Mary Priddy

Mary’s Story- Her first love saved her life and gave her the strength she needed to break away from a life of drugs and prostitution. This is Mary’s Love Story…


Racheal’s Story–  Her first love was her second husband… Their story is a complicated one, but truly only GOD can do what He did in their lives!

dee dee photo

Denise’s Story– Laden with losing people she loved, addicted and pregnant she finally made her way Home.  Learn how here!

christine 6

Christine’s Story- A week before she left for college she found herself eighteen years old, pregnant and alone- She went into abort what turned out to be her greatest gift…


Pegi’s Story– ‘…I can remember her taking out a new folder and putting my name on it and next to my name she placed the word “Infertility…”’


Chelsey’s Story- Survivor Of… Leukemia, the heartbreak of losing two foster children, and the everyday battle of understanding life with her biological infant son diagnosed with the terminal genetic disorder RCDP- and still she resides in the sufficiency of God’s all-powerful love and grace, through it all…

IMG_1439Josie’s Story All she wanted was to love and be loved…



Glad You’re Here!
Glad You’re Here!

Hi! I'm Josie Valley!

I'm not an expert, but I am a passionate wife, momma and advocate for women making the most of their time by helping each other attain health- in relationship, heart and mind.

My greatest passion is to help women be transparent and embrace their commonalities, joining together in sisterhood and love.

I truly believe that we all need Jesus and we all need each other!

Because time never stops… our Minutes Matter!”

Join me here and let's make our Minutes Matter!

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