I Need Prayer… You?

I Need Prayer… You?


These two. At first glance, it was a nice thought to think that they were praying together. Not so.
Legos. Good ol’, love to step on them and tear my feet up, Legos.

And truthfully, what started so sweetly ended in a fight. However, somewhere in between, they needed each other’s help.

Boy said, ‘Girl, can you please hold this bridge up so I can attach these other pieces here?’

Girl replied, ‘OK Bruhber, ok.’ Then she held the pieces, he attached the extra, and for 2.5 seconds they worked together accomplishing a great task and were content for doing so {For 2.5 secs 🙂 }.

You know what I noticed, without her help he would have not been able to achieve what he set out to create. He needed extra hands and she lent hers.

Don’t we all need extra hands? Sure, to clean, cook, shop, build, write, wrap 😉 and Lord knows the list goes on. Extra hands would be wonderful for so many reasons!

But specifically right now, I have a need for extra hands, and truth is you may too.

Hands willing to still in sincerity and belief.
Hands willing to put down busyness and lift up requests to our Hope, our Healer, and our Help.

Hands willing to fold in prayer as requests are uttered from our hearts to His- our Ever Loving & Long Listening, Lord…

Are yours willing?
Friend, can I ask you to pray for me? Would you pray for peace, clarity, and diligence over so many areas of my life and for good health for so many I know and love that are struggling right now?
Can you please?

And, can I pray for you? That is what I am doing today. I am praying. If you would like me to join you at bringing your requests to the His Throne, would you leave them here? (Or inbox.) I promise to take them to Him.

There is something about praying together. His Word is flooded with encouragement on doing just that:

Matthew 18:19-20 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.“

1 John 5:14-15 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands (me, you , & Him) is not quickly broken.

We need each other. We need to pray for each other.

My daughter was willing to share her hands in a true desire to help her brother get past a point of need.

Today, I am willing to share mine too. To still, to lift, and to fold on your behalf. Join me?

Thankful for you and need you too! 🙂

Love to you My #MM Fam,

-Josie xoxoxo

I’m Not The Mom I Thought I’d Be… Today.

I’m Not The Mom I Thought I’d Be…     Today.



I am not the fun mom lately. I’m just not.
I’m the cleaning mom, the transportation mom, the feed your face mom, and the get your act together mom, BUT so NOT the fun mom. And that has depressed me a bit if I am being honest.
This is my FAVORITE time of year.  Ya know, the warm and fuzzy, make lasting memories time, and for some reason this funk of failure is lingering a bit. Can I just be transparent and say, sometimes I wish I was dad?


There I said it. Don’t judge. It’s true. Sometimes I wish I had his job, his role, his peace of mind, and goodness, even his parts (I mean, pee anywhere, no period, labor, or delivery for that matter…. Just saying.) Truth is, lately, ‘Dad’ is desirable because he is just so much stinking fun! Everyone wants to be around ‘Dad.’




Well ya know, just putting blocks away for the umpteenth time. Oh and making a fifth option for dinner for the two year old with a ‘tude. (Not the usual, but energy lacks…)
And putting away the laundry, from last week’s loads.
And secretly sulking in my head about the lack of time I have to do the things that I want to do.


Sounds pretty pathetic huh? Or accurate?


This picture, with my son slathered on my head, well I took it myself. Why? I was pissed. Sorry for the weak vocabulary, but seriously, it was my breaking point- the point that I rightly earned the title, ‘Not Fun Mom’. Well, I gave it to myself anyway. And boy have I been wearing it since.


He just wanted to be playful. He wanted to climb mommy mountain, land in my lap, and get tickled silly. Normally, NORMALLY this is no problem. However, that was not the case. I had already been pushed to my limits, and I did not feel like giving anymore. Playing anymore. Listening anymore. Answering anymore. Doing. Anymore.


Leave it to good Ol Facebook to show me what a rotten decision I had made, and to only solidify it with the ‘fun filled’ pics of craft making, tree decorating, and memory creating moms everywhere!


Not me. Just good ol’ ‘No Fun Nancy’ pouting away at the time she doesn’t have to do what she probably wouldn’t do anyway… Man, I can really make a mind mess in my cray head sometimes. Seriously.


So because Facebook showed me how awful I was, and because for a few days my husbands awesomeness was highlighted to me in my stank frame of mind, I checked out. I stayed up unnecessary hours conversing with myself over and over again about what I need to do different and say different and be different. I had long dialogues with my heart about my purpose here. Battle after imaginary battle, I talked to myself in ways I would never let anyone else talk to me… EVER.


You know where I got myself with all that nonsense? No stinking where. I got myself, tired, frustrated, depressed and not at all making my #MinutesMatter! 😉


Are you waiting for the turn around in all of this, the final answer and resolution?
Well, you may be slightly disappointed, but I refuse to be anything less than transparent here. I am still waiting too; waiting for the total fix that is. But I am making progress. So I thought if I write about it, if I get it out of my system and share it with you, maybe you can say, ‘Hey Jos, I understand, me too friend, me too.’


Can you? That’s truly what I desire most outta the time we spend together here. Some arm linking and Lord seeking ya know?



Here is what I can share that is on the up and up.
In those wee hours, I talk to Jesus. Like for real hash it out with Him. I tell Him my frustrations. I pour out my inconsistencies at His feet and you know what I have truly experienced? When I exhaust myself and finally let Him respond? He calms my heart and slows my mind. It’s true. When I can be quiet long enough to listen, He answers.


So last night, one of the worst yet, I wrestled some of this. Then I stopped. I asked Him what He thought. He told me this, and maybe He’s telling you the same thing:

‘Woman,’ (not really, but funny none the less) more like,

‘My Girl,
Right now you are not the fun mom. You are not the play Minnie Mouse, crash cars, and teach them all they need to know immediately mom, right now. That is ok. And can you stop with the titles anyway? You are exactly who I picked to love those babies I gave you. Right now. You are that mom. You may not be the tell stories about crazy battles, bodily functions, and superheroes mom, but you do listen. Right now you may not wrestle and tickle non stop, but you cuddle and kiss when needed most. You my daughter, are a good mom. They pick you for the boo boos and the bandaids. They pick you for the night time snuggles and song. They pick you in unfamiliarity because you are comfort. Always. You do not know the purpose of your role right now but I do. The insignificant efforts you feel that you are making today, will one day make sense and the results will astound you.

Trust me. In this season, you may think so much of this has to do with raising your children, truth is, I am also interested in raising you… I am doing a work in you through all of this.  Let Me.

Right now as you feel so insufficient, allow Me to work there. Stop trying to be everything to them and others. You cannot. Instead fine tune your efforts into spending time with me, and just loving them, the best ways you can, right now. Seasons, time, both change quickly. Today, my grace is sufficient.’


And with that I rested. I can’t be everything to them, in doing so, one day, I may skew their need for Jesus. For now, I can love them and keep on surrendering my crazy brain at night over to Him, in exchange for His peace and encouragement. He promises this: I will keep in PERFECT PEACE those whose minds stay on ME, because they trust in ME. Isaiah 26:3.


I believe this because I live this many nights lately. My brain starts, my heart follows, and off to the races we go. BUT when I simply stop and listen, I even just utter His name and say this verse, change happens. Truthfully.

Today, I may not be fun mom but I am the mom they know will bring them comfort and love. Always. There is always room for growth and I am open to it. But I don’t think we can grow until we realize where we are planted. Today, I realize I am who God created me to be to them right now. May I give myself grace to grow from there…

You too.

Thanks for listening. You helped me tonight.

Oh and p.s. I told my son that I was having a tough night, he seriously responded with this, “Well Mommy, I love you and want to help you. Ok? So here’s what will do. When you are sad can you just come get a big kiss from me, Ok? I think that will shoot the sadness right out of your heart. If I am not here then make sure to ask sister or daddy. Ok? I think you’re the best mommy of anywhere. Ever. Night!”

And I cried… He didn’t see it. But I did. See how the Lord works? Oh how dysfunctional my brain can be…

Learning With You, 🙂
Xoxo Jos

An Open Letter To Our President Elect (and you) & A Poem For Peace.

An Open Letter To Our President Elect (and you) & A Poem For Peace.



It’s the eleventh hour. My tv is on and the sound is muted. I sit in wonder as I watch the coverage.
I have never been one to be overly vocal about politics, but that doesn’t minimize my concern or involvement in them.
I know what I choose to research based on what is important to me and vote accordingly, and so does everyone else…
This is democracy.
No matter what, in our home we respect and pray for the person God chooses as President of the United States, whether or not our vote helped to put him there. Period.

We do what is expected of us as citizens of the United States.
We do what is expected of us as community members of our small suburban city.
We do what is expected of us as friends, siblings, spouses, and parents.
To the best of our ability, we do what is expected of us by God.

We live in a way that glorifies God and honors others.
We take responsibility for our shortcomings and encourage each other in our efforts to do better.
We lead by example and discuss the behaviors that we periodically show that are not worthy of duplication.
We pray to be honest, transparent, forgiving, full of grace, and never withholding of love. Without bias. Ever.

We make conscious efforts to stay committed to these foundational values in our home so that we can be better for the interactions encountered outside of it.

We don’t get this right 100% of the time.
But. We. Try.
Because I call myself a follower of Christ, an American; decent and moral.
Most importantly, because they call me mom.
Right now, I take responsibility for the way two future adults will contribute and function as members of this society in years to come. I realize that my efforts NOW have tremendous impact on their actions and choices later. It has never been, and IN OUR HOME it will never be ok to blame any other American for what we feel and accept as personal dissatisfaction, injustice, unfairness, or reason as to why joy and success in this life are amiss. Never. (<—not discounting anyone’s experiences or implying anything other than what is stated.)

Joy is a Person, who is willing to indwell all.
Success is surrendering to Him and His purposes no matter our comfort.
Choice is ours.

Choice belongs to each of us.
Some choose right wing agenda. Some choose left wing agenda. In our home we choose to be centered on Christ’s agenda as we move forward in the days ahead. These are trying times. Because of the choices made on Tuesday, we all now have a new President Elect, Mr. Donald Trump. This will never reach his eyes, but as I sit in wonder I find it therapeutic to write it anyway. 🙂

A Poem For Peace To President Elect Donald Trump

To the President of the United States, our Commander and Chief
I write from this little humble Ohio place not feeling much relief.
Not sure of what you’re about yet, or what you’ll really do
I only know we’ve been promised a lot and been let down, will change really start with you?
We’ve been hurt, disappointed, and divided for far too long
The path that we have been traveling on is obviously wrong.
Yes, we are not where we were, surely progress has been made
But in the forward moving, the voice of God began to fade.
I am not ok with His removal from the school that my baby spends his day
I am not ok with ignoring His plan for our country, for it’s my children who will pay.

You hold a position of power, and I mean no disrespect Mr. President
but will integrity, humility, and decency start to be plainly evident?
You see I have two babies that will grow up watching you
I cannot help but wonder what the effect of your choices will do.
I want my kids to know a world that is filled with love, not fear
But I also want them to know that you, Mr. President, will make that a reality here.
Will my kids know a future that is filled with opportunity and peace
Or will divisions grow greater causing hate only to increase?
Will they know a world of TRUE freedom that is fair and morally sound,
Or will they be forced to accept the trendy preference that will temporarily buzz around?
Will they be deemed as intolerant for saying they choose Christ and His way
Or will freedom finally be theirs too with Christianity also being allowed to have its say?
I ask for I am fearful because they say if I don’t agree, a bigot I must be
Truth is the kettle is turning black, their own bigotry is towards me.

Mr. President, can you make a way for all to understand that Love doesn’t choose a side
The perfect example of ‘Justice for ALL’ was given when on the Cross Christ died…
So I guess I send this to you in hopes of beginning the process of making wrongs right
We must each start by removing the plank in our eye that is blocking our better sight.
You are now our leader here and your responsibility is great.
Can you be the starter of the plank removal before it gets too late?
I will never know how hard your job is, I surely don’t intend to tell you what to do.
But Mr. Trump, if you’re going to make true on your promise, then change needs to start with you.
I have friends that are scared of you and don’t believe your interest is for their best,
They are my fellow brother and sister here, please work hard to settle their unrest.
I know that it is important to target bigger issues before the small
But please consider promoting clarity, unity, and love before you build the wall.
Help us all to have a clear vision of what you intend to do
We cannot get behind you as leader until we get past the business guru you.
All due respect, but you’ve always been one with a stellar business plan
However, you’re no longer dealing with dollars Sir but the lives of the American man.
I know you have calculated well for years the millions you have spent
Making sure that choices you made were wise not willing to waste a cent.
You wanted to know that you placed your money well and in return gained much back
Please be as thoughtful with the ROI’s of hearts for it is truly compassion that seems to lack.
And I promise to you, as someone who has a part to play in moving us from this current state
That I will commit to being a constant source of God’s love here, for that alone defeats hate.
I will raise my kids to be kind and respectful to ALL that they get an opportunity to know
They will understand what it means to serve others, work hard, and live so His love will show.

Finally, Mr. President Elect, congratulations! You hold the highest title in the USA
For it was God’s grace that she conceded and HE GAVE YOU the job that day.
See, our Nations problems were never meant to be solved by you or Hillary.
Truth is nothing will change until we EACH accept personal responsibility.

I pray that WE THE PEOPLE will remember we are ONE nation under Him
Solution is loving God and loving others, without this our future will be dim.
Jesus walked with the liars, the prostitutes, and at the Cross instantly forgave the thief.
It would do us all a lot of good to follow His steps, our first Commander In Chief.
I support you Mr. Trump because God allowed you to fill this seat.
May these next few years propel us forward in love, may the USA not see defeat.
May you listen closely to what you’re told, may you always hear God’s voice
And when you are seeking guidance and counsel, May His Word be your first choice.

Friends, whoever is reading this, let us stop talking and start doing. Let us raise our kids, the future, to be loving, kind, and Godly adults. Can we take true interest in our fellow brother and sister and listen close to what it is that has them unsettled? Then can we think of a way to be PEACEFUL, POSITIVE, and EFFECTIVE solution?
Each of us.
Planks removed.
Grace abundant.
Love without bias.
Me too.
Choice, change, its all an inside job.

Hopeful for our future, because of He who is the Hope of history!

“When my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, turning from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will HEAL THEIR LAND…”

2 Chronicles 7:14

In this with you, friends,


Waiting For A Good Man… (The Devotion)

Waiting For A Good Man… (The Devotion)




***A Father always alongside his children…***

Thank You. You desire that we each will choose to know the satisfying and true love of You, who we can surely call Father.

But God, so many do not know a relationship with a dad that is healthy, stable, encouraging, and full of love. Many are also living in a situation where ‘daddy’ doesn’t want to participate with the babies that need it most. Because of this hearts are breaking, homes are falling apart, and children are becoming adults confused about their worth, identity, and purpose. It’s a vicious circle Lord and the cycle seems to be growing more intense.

Lord, our world is desperate for good daddy’s, for men willing to resemble You here no matter what the cost. Our world is losing the true man You intended to be ‘dad’ to purpose stealers like, alcoholism, drug addiction, pornography, and gender confusion. I know You see what is taking place here, and Lord, we need Your intervention. Please God, make our men be bold, brave, and determined to live and love Your way with reckless abandon. Make our men fiery passionate about being committed to one woman, dedicated to providing for one household, and wholly involved in raising one family on the foundation of Your Word alone…

Lord, these are the men You intended to take tender care of hearts in the women You created here. These are the men You intended to lead the children You have blessed our arms to hold. These are the only kind of men that can change the course that we are on. We. Need. Them. Now. God, I know that You are able. Oh, that we would allow our hearts to be moved by You… Lord, raise up these men.

And Lord,

For my sisters whose hearts desire these men but have sadly encountered the latter, please Father, let them commit their hearts only to You as they wait. Lord, do not let these women sell out for less than the Love You intend their hearts to experience. Lord, when they are desiring a relationship, when their hearts are feeling lonely- can You act quick? Please tend to their hearts immediately with a satisfying love that only You can give- Please Lord, help my sisters to wait for You and the Love You will bring them in a man that loves You and honors women…

God, hearts are breaking, marriages are collapsing and children, our sweet babies are caught in the aftermath. Lord, please intervene. I know Your plan is good. I trust Your proven character. On behalf of the women I know and love, I ask that You would help them feel Your presence and trust Your goodness as they wait. Be Father to the fatherless, Companion to the lonely, and available to the every need of every willing heart. I believe You able, in Jesus’ name

Sister, I remember a time I needed love desperately. I did so many dumb things initially to fill that desire. I was never satisfied. I was not supposed to be and neither are you. Do not think for one second that God has passed you by. He HAS SOMETHING FOR YOU. Sometimes we are just so busy trying to manipulate life into what we want, that we never settle long enough to see it. I had to surrender my efforts, my willingness to settle, and my skewed view of self. Instead I had to spend time with Him. I realized my heart deserved good love and I finally allowed His love to be enough. He is willing to occupy our loneliness and heal our hurt. I pray you allow your mind to believe Him available and just take time to rest your weary soul … He is waiting on you. He, the true Gentleman, will never force His way…

….This picture is a direct result of His love and Goodness to me. I finally surrendered my efforts and truly felt fully satisfied in just a relationship with Him. When I least expected it, He brought him- one who loves me and our children so very well.

Praying With You,


Psalm 36:7 How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings

In Lieu of #WOWWednesday…

In Lieu of #WOWWednesday…


So, this week in lieu of our normal #WOWWednesday posting, I’d like to recognize this innovative young lady instead…

Ladies and Gents—
The Originator of the Apple Phone!!!

…it’s been a long day folks, a long long day! Two sick kiddos and a sick momma, this just made me laugh! Thought I’d share with my Minutes Matter family here!
Back to our normal Wednesday routine next week! I hope…😜

Night MM Fam!

still hoping for encouragement, read here friends: http://josievalley.com/her-story/

love to you- night!

Glad You’re Here!
Glad You’re Here!

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My greatest passion is to help women be transparent and embrace their commonalities, joining together in sisterhood and love.

I truly believe that we all need Jesus and we all need each other!

Because time never stops… our Minutes Matter!”

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